Nekonium voting app demo. Click for 日本語

To vote : Send a transaction with 0 NUKO, gas limit: 100,000 to 1 address below (your choice), each address represent 1 candidate. Using mobile wallet to scan QR code is possible

There is a prize of 50 NUKO each for 20 lucky addresses who participate in this voting demo run. The lucky draw will happen at the end of March on #vote channel on discord Join discord to participate, all participants must have discord account and register the voting address to tipnuko bot there. All fund comes from donation at Prize fund . The remaining prize will be allocated for the next voting round.

Current Winning illustration :

Vote for Nukoco: 0x9fdda3a10de1c7cc692452d937c46495ab257936

1 votes received

Vote for Nukocu: 0x8563073c9b696a79345cedbc35101efadd2bce7e

1 votes received

Vote for Nukoja: 0xf6aaae2c4989eadd23df4efd262db32d0f0f3816

1 votes received

Vote for original Nuko logo: 0x6cf16879cbdd0ea60e847c35112c13c65d5b303e

1 votes received

1 address can vote ONCE, the importance of the vote (measured in units) depends on the amount of nuko that address is holding (transaction always = 0 nuko, we check the account balance, not the transaction value): vote_count = max(0,log10(number_of_nuko)) + 1 . Some examples:

  • < 1 nuko : the account's 1 vote = 1 unit
  • 10 < X < 100 nuko : the account's 1 vote = 3 units
  • ....

Look at the source code of the main voting contract for more information Contract source for more information